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EWWA is dedicated  :


1- To give to its members an overview of the European market and new trends like e-mobility. 


Winding wires are used for various applications like motors and generators as well as transformers. EWWA members are key suppliers of those industries to develop and deliver state-of-the-art and new, innovative products in order to give its customers the capabilities to improve motor characteristics such as increasing power efficiency and develop new solutions e. g. for e-mobility applications or renewable energies.

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2- To participate in the discussion and development of EU wide regulations regarding environmental, safety, energy and other issues, focused on permanently reducing the environmental impact in the production of winding wires.


EWWA collaborates with other industrial associations if needed. EWWA members participate in various working groups at EU level to exchange about existing and upcoming techniques in the winding wire industry and to help to improve existing regulations.


Winding wire producers regularly invest in state of the art enameling technologies  to reduce the power consumption and decrease emissions.


EWWA participates in CENELEC for a constant elaboration of the European technical  standards of winding wires.

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