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The world's largest manufacturer of fine enamelled copper wire 0.010 - 0.50mm

(AWG 58 - 24) with 9 plants in 7 countries and local service worldwide

Our Global Footprint

    •  Europe: Germany, Italy, Switzerland

    •  America: USA (2), Mexico

    •  Asia: Malaysia, China


    •  Privately owned and managed

Our products



Our machines

    •  State-of-the-Art machines developed and built in-house

    •  Fully equipped in-line-process controls with automatic monitoring to ensure best quality for more than 25 years

Examples of applications 





Automotive: Ignition coils, relays, solenoids, on-board chargers and DC/DC for EV

Industrial Electronics: Small transformers, small motors, relays, solenoids, chokes, inductors

Consumer Electronics: Components for cell phones, stepper motors for watches, transformers, SMPS, relays, small motors

Appliance: Solenoids, transformers, relays, pumps

Fine and ultra fine enameled wires 0.008-0.50mm with different conductor materials and many types of insulations, including self bonding outer coatings

Litz wire with different conductor materials and other insulations 

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